Don’t eat seafood

As we have exploited the oceans’ resources for far too long, there really is no such thing as “sustainable seafood”. Our fish stocks are depleted, there is slavery on the high seas, our fishing gear is not selective enough and we are destroying entre ocean ecosystems through destructive fishing practices like deep sea trawling. The bottom line is that most individuals in the general public don’t know where their seafood comes from, making it impossible to know if slaves caught the fish, the fish was caught by a vessel complying with sustainability guidelines, or if endangered wildlife was caught as bycatch. Tuna with a side of dolphin? No thanks.

On top of that, seafood labeling is not standardized and regulated, making it often impossible to discern whether that “white fish” you’re being served is actually and endangered species of shark.

Being mindful does not only apply to us humans. Be conscious of the food you feed your pets. Educate yourself on the products you buy for yourself and your pets. Do you know what the chicken you eat eats? Often times fishmeal is used to feed chickens in factory farms. Because the food industry leaves something to be desired in the transparency department, we recommend playing it safe when it comes to seafood consumption.

Fight climate change! Ideas include:

  • Go vegan
  • Reduce your beef and cheese consumption
  • Contact your elected officials and make your voices heard
  • Be conscious about your energy use and decisions
  • Use your votes to support the party/leadership candidate with the greenest agenda.
  • Strike for the climate
  • Sart your own conservation initiative